The ICMJE welcomes organizations to reprint/translate its Disclosure Form into languages other than English for non-profit purposes. However, the ICMJE does not have the resources to translate, to back translate, or to review or approve reprinted/translated versions of the documents. Thus, any reprints/translations should prominently include the following statement:

"This is a (insert language name) language translation/reprint of the ICMJE Disclosure Form. (insert name of organization) prepared this reprint/translation with support from (insert name of funding source, if any). The ICMJE has not endorsed nor approved the contents of this reprint/translation. The official version of the ICMJE Disclosure Form is located at Users should cite this official version when citing the document."

The following list may be incomplete as the ICMJE is not aware of all translations. Users of this list should be aware that the translations vary in the version of the ICMJE Disclosure Form document that they represent and all translations do not necessarily reflect the most recent official version of the document. If you have developed a translation and would like the ICMJE to include it on this list, please contact the ICMJE secretariat.

ICMJE Disclosure Form: