Up-Dated ICMJE Recommendations
(January 2024)

The ICMJE updated the Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing, and Publication of Scholarly Work in Medical Journals. New updates include guidance on the following topics:

  • Why authorship matters (Section II.A.1)
  • How work conducted with the assistance of artificial intelligence technology should be acknowledged (Sections II.A.3 and 4 and IV.A.3.d)
  • Use of artificial intelligence in the review process (Sections II.C.2.a and II.C.3)
  • Medical publishing and carbon emissions (Section II.D.1)
  • Acknowledgment of funding support (Sections II.B and IV.A.3.b)
  • Protection of research participants (Section II.E)
  • Reference citations (Section IV.A.3.g)

To assist in identifying where changes have been made, an annotated PDF is available. The current, official PDF of the ICMJE recommendations may be downloaded at www.icmje.org. Annotated versions of earlier updated recommendations are available in the announcement of the respective updates in ICMJE | News & Editorials.